Jewels Pro

Jewels Pro 2.0.10

Addictive match-three game for Android

Jewels Pro is a highly addictive match-three game in the style of Bejeweled. View full description


  • Hugely addictive gameplay
  • Shiny, coloful graphics
  • Four game modes


  • Annoying music
  • No online leaderboard


Jewels Pro is a highly addictive match-three game in the style of Bejeweled.

As is the case with all games of this genre, the object of Jewels Pro is to make lines of three or more same-colored gem. You can swap gems to make lines by tapping a gem then tapping an adjacent one. When you make a line the gems disappear and the rest of the stack falls down, with the opportunity to make combos of other gems groups.

There are some cool power-ups in Jewels Pro to help you clear gems quicker, including bombs, lightning bolts and hints.

There are four game modes in Jewels Pro: Normal, Time, Arcade and Infinite, each offering a slightly different challenge. Although things start easy, Jewels Pro gets tough in no time, and all of the game modes get insanely difficult before too long.

However, the gameplay is such that you'll keep coming back to try and crack it no matter how many times you fail. There's a leaderboard where you can put yourself against your best score - but no online leaderboard unfortunately.

The graphics in Jewels Pro are smart enough, although the music quickly gets very annoying (it's one track that plays on a constant loop).

Jewels Pro is a fun and addictive match-three game for Android, though it brings precious little originality to the genre.


  • Fixed the bug after level 50 in Arcade mode
Jewels Pro


Jewels Pro 2.0.10